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"It takes two to know one."

Gregory Bateson



Prairie Family Therapy is not your typical therapists’ office.

We do not offer personal growth counseling for individuals.

Our expertise is working with people and their primary relationships. 

We work collaboratively with our clients, taking a systemic and practical approach to relationships and mental health issues. Some issues are best handled with traditional “talk” therapies, while other concerns may need more active interventions, such as modification to an unproductive behavior pattern or lifestyle.

Endorsed by a community of the area’s finest professionals, we provide the necessary tools, resources and supports to restore healthy functioning to couples and families.

We are committed to helping our clients to enjoy full and healthy lives.


What's so different?

Marriage and Family Therapists have unique training which teaches them to look at the circumstances that a problem occurs within, rather than assigning focus or blame to any one person. Training to become a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is rigorous (3 to 5+ years) and our Senior Clinicians average over 20 years of experience each, participating in ongoing education to stay at the cutting edge of their specialties.

With extensive training in marriage and family therapy, our staff is supremely qualified to provide support to couples and families experiencing stress. Our staff has specialized training and certification in pre-marital assessment/counseling and marriage stabilization, as well as in proactive parenting techniques.

PFT clinicians are culturally competent and are experts in a variety of specialty areas including working with families who are dealing with ED/addiction recovery, mental illness, childhood learning issues, extramarital recovery or divorce.



Learning disabilities, giftedness, and stress can all contribute to a student's inability to perform optimally, Often times, it is failing grades or excessive absence that signal a problem, and by that time, damage to the child's self-esteem and his relationship with his parents and teachers has usually occurred. PFT works very closely with parents, educational consultants, neuropsychologists and local schools to make sure that students are appropriately supported and served. Additionally, we understand the complexities of families who deal with chronic medical conditions or have children with special needs, providing services in both home and school.


When a family member suffers from a significant issue that requires treatment outside of the home, the whole family is affected. Our therapists have training and experience working with family systems who are affected by addiction, eating disorders and mental illness. We are equipped to collaborate with families and treatment facilities before, during and after a family member is admitted to an inpatient or residential treatment programs.

Studies have revealed that individual treatment success is directly linked to the involvement and interaction of that person's significant relationships in the treatment. Family sessions often focus on processing anger and fear, reorganizing family expectations and routine, as well as making the adjustments prior to discharge that may be needed to ensure a successful outcome.


Divorce is a loss that requires negotiating a resolution that works for everyone. A husband and wife must navigate through emotional detachment and physical separation, and when kids are involved, they often get caught in the wake, lacking the emotional maturity to be able to manage their own adjustment successfully.

Our staff members are highly skilled and experienced in helping couples and their children to negotiate the divorce process. From providing services as a Divorce Coach or Child Specialist in a collaborative divorce process, to assisting couples in developing a co-parenting relationship in spite of pending litigation, we are expert at helping families to reach a healthier post-judgment relationship with one another.



  • Our physical office is conveniently located in downtown Naperville.

  • We have provided virtual options to Illinois residents since 2014 and are now approved as an "out-of-state telehealth provider" for the state of Florida as well.

  • We are an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • We accept all major credit cards.


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